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Podcast Launch Services

Let a team of marketing professionals help you launch your podcast

Launch with us

This is what we do best.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Launching your podcast shouldn't be a stressful endeavor. It should be a process that allows you to best articulate your approach to reaching your intended audience. Having launched hundreds of podcasts over the past 8 years, we've had our fair share of differentiating approaches. We've refined these into what we call our Launch Process today.


We schedule an onboarding call with you and/or your team to cover the launch process.


We help you plan out the optimal launch strategy to suit your approach.


Your podcast doesn't just take care of itself, we need to make a noise.

Hosting Setup

We set up your podcast hosting and do the directory submissions for you.

Equipment Guidance

Let us help you optimize your recording setup and get the best quality out of it.

Show Development

Our launch team helps you develop your podcast over the course of four weeks.

Guest Templates

We provide you with guest booking templates and refined sharing emails.

Launch Debrief

We look forward to the launch debrief two to three weeks after launch.

We launched our podcast in 2019 with a lot to say, but no idea how to produce quality audio content. We Edit Podcasts provided the direction and production expertise we needed from top to bottom, and has been the engine behind our show ever since. Their ability to take our conversations and turn them into high quality consumable content has allowed us to focus on subject matter and our relationship with our guests and listeners, which is why our community is what it is today.

Mike & Mitzi Payne
Hosts of Waves Social Podcast

Basic Launch Package

Our basic package is tailored to the host that is looking for a cost-effective solution to get their show onto different platforms.

What's included:
— Onboarding Call
— Launch Survey
— Podcast Hosting Setup
— Submission to Podcast Directories
— PDF Guest Templates

Premium Launch Package

Our premium launch package is tailored to the host looking for an all-inclusive podcast setup.

What's Included:
— Onboarding Call (60-min)
— Launch Survey
— Equipment Guidance
— Podcast Hosting Setup
Basic Cover Artwork Package
Basic Voice-Over Package
— Podcast Audio Trailer Episode
— Submission to Podcast Directories
— PDF Guest Templates


Custom Launch Package

Our custom launch package is tailored to the host looking for a complete podcasting development solution for their show.

What's Included:
— Onboarding Call (60-min)
— Four Week Show Development Process
— Strategizing Session
— Equipment Guidance
— Podcast Growth Strategy
— Script Writing Assistance
— Podcast Hosting Setup
Premium Podcast Artwork Package
Premium Voice Over Package
Video Intro / Outro Bumpers
— Podcast Audio Trailer Production
— Podcast Video Trailer Production
— Submission to Podcast Directories
— PDF Guest Templates
— Post-Launch Debrief Session

Four Week Show Development Process

The custom launch package includes the show development process as recapped below.

Week 1

We take a look at your podcast niche, community assessment, and go over your equipment preparation. We set your podcast launch date, initial guest schedule, and give you some homework to do.

Week 2

We review your launch strategy, look at your different deliverables including intros, bumpers, voice scripts and finalize music selections. We run test recordings and work with your designer on your cover artwork.


Week 3

We review your first recordings, delve into the production of your show, social assets and marketing add-ons. We make sure everything is up to spec with regards to the quality we want to output.

Week 4

We are a few days away from launching! We set up your hosting, take care of directory submissions, discuss your guest emails and sharing notices. It's time to make noise and promote the launch of your new show.

Ready to Move Forward?

Like what you see and hear? We have numerous options for you to choose from to help you win back time from your podcast so that you can focus on what you do best, create content. Head to the pricing page to build your own package or explore more services.

Frequently Asked Questions

You don't need to sign any contracts when working with us on a month to month basis. We do offer the option of monthly subscriptions or you can purchase a set amount of credits that can be used over an extended period of time.

We provide a 48-hour turnaround time on the majority of our services. (This excludes weekends.) If you were to submit multiple episodes at once, they will be processed in the submitted order. 

You most certainly can. We don't offer certain services as stand-alone services though, as there is a base requirement. Feel free to take a look and Start a Trial Episode.

We do offer a 14-Day money back guarantee if you aren't happy with any of our services.

Any company guaranteeing a certain ranking for your podcast is using artificial ways to inflate your podcast rankings. They use fake reviews and bot farms to increase listenership and fake the credibility of your show which will hurt you in the long-run. (We don't condone this at all.)

We thrive on pursuing a honest growth strategy for your podcast to build a solid listener base and in return a solid ranking for your podcast. The first 4-8 weeks of your podcast launch is crucial in garnering as much attention as possible to boost rankings on directories.

You certainly can. It could take 24-48 hours to update across the directories with the new information, but it's certainly possible that it happens faster. You can update artwork, titles, authors, descriptions, etc. 

Generally our minimum we ask for is a week at least. Unless you have a trailer or first episode ready to go when you sign up. If that's the case, we could most likely get you listed on Apple and Spotify within 48 - 72 hours after receiving your launch intake form. Certain directories can take up to two weeks to index your podcast after submission. (Above mentioned applies to our basic launch package only, the premium and custom requires ground up building of assets.)

Want to launch a podcast? Let's Talk.

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