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how to start a podcast in 2024

How To Start a Podcast In 2024 (For All Skill Levels)

Want to start a podcast in 2024? Excited for your podcast launch? We’re excited for you! And we’re here to guide you through the process and set you up for success from the very beginning. Our step-by-step guide will help you navigate the dynamic world of podcasting, providing the latest insights and tips gathered from our experience in the industry.

Whether you’re familiar with the field or a newcomer to the podcasting scene, our comprehensive guide is designed to assist podcasters of all levels in every aspect of their podcast journey. From planning and recording to promotion and engagement, we’ve got you covered with the most up-to-date strategies to help you start a podcast successfully in 2024.

Let’s dive in and kickstart your podcasting adventure! Your very own podcast is just around the corner, and we’re here to ensure you start on the right foot and reach your audience effectively in the ever-evolving landscape of podcasting.

How To Start a Podcast In 2024

how to start a podcast in 2024

1. Define Your Niche

This first step for starting a podcast will be relevant, no matter when you decide to take up the mic and start podcasting. You will always have to start with defining your niche. You need to identify the specific subject, theme, or topic that will give your podcast its unique identity and set your podcast apart. By doing so, you not only distinguish yourself from all the other shows within a similar category, but it will also help you stand out and attract a dedicated listener base.

A successful podcast will always be one that gives its specific audience the type of content that they’re after. And so honing in on your niche will allow you to tailor your content to a specific audience, making it more likely that your podcast will resonate and stand out in a crowded digital space.

Which brings us very nicely to Step Number Two…

2. Understand Your Audience

After you’ve clearly defined your specific niche, you now need to hone in on your specific audience. I’m just going to say it…your answer to the question “Who is your podcast for?” cannot be “Oh, it’s for everyone.” I hate to break it to ya, but this is going to get you nowhere fast. If you want to start a podcast successfully, you need a target audience. Because if you have a target audience, and you know what said target audience is after when it comes to content, you can tailor your content to their interests, and be exactly the type of show they’re looking for.

Remember, while there is always room for more podcasts, there are already A LOT of podcast out there. The Podcast Index currently indicates that there are 4,308,100 podcasts out in the world. Sure they’re not all active, but they’re there! And so finding the niche and then the target audience you want to reach is key to your long-term podcasting success.

The ability to tailor your podcast to cater to your audience’s needs not only enhances the overall listening experience for your listeners, but is also the foundation upon which hosts can build meaningful connections with their listeners. And this key when it comes to building a community around your show.

podcast equipment

3. Invest in Quality Equipment

Now that you’ve got the basics of your podcast covered, it’s time to move on the mechanics. The “how” of podcasting – I’m talking podcast equipment. Your next step in your mission to start a podcast in 2024 is to purchase good-quality microphones, headphones, and recording software to ensure your podcast audio is the best that it can be. Quality audio when it comes to podcasting is crucial for attracting and retaining listeners.

Again, in a world filled with podcasts, a high-quality auditory experience is paramount. And for that you need quality equipment.

Let’s start with the cornerstone of podcasting gear – the microphone. While high-end options like the Shure SM7B are excellent, especially for seasoned podcasters, there are also budget-friendly alternatives suitable for beginners. USB microphones are particularly user-friendly, offering a hassle-free setup – just plug them in to your laptop, and you’re good to go. Popular choices include the versatile ATR2100, the reliable Blue Yeti, or the studio quality Rode NT-USB.

Equally important as you prepare to start a podcast is a quality set of headphones or earphones, crucial for monitoring sound and maintaining optimal audio levels. While premium options like the Audio Technica M40x headphones provide an immersive experience, entry-level alternatives such as the Audio Technica ATH-M30x or the Sony MDR-7506 are also solid choices. Even standard earphones or AirPods can deliver satisfactory results.

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4. Create Compelling Content

Step Number 4 in your plan to start a podcast in 2024 is really the linchpin in any successful show. Sure, you need a well-defined niche, you need eye-catching podcast artwork, and you need a great name. You obviously also need podcast equipment. But the place where all of that converges together is your podcast content. Your podcast episodes need to be chock-full of highly valuable, high quality content. Because that is always what will keep your listeners tuning in episode after episode.

But these highly valuable episodes don’t just happen. They require that you, as the podcast creator, plan your episodes carefully, ensuring they provide that value and entertainment to your audience.

By delivering content that adds value to the listener’s experience—whether through insightful discussions, expert interviews, or captivating storytelling—you not only establish credibility but also create a genuine connection with your audience. And this is key to creating a successful podcast for the long haul. 


The heart of a thriving podcast will always lie in a host’s ability to consistently deliver compelling, valuable content that resonates with their specific audience.

5. Stay Consistent

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1,000 times (and believe me, I’ll say it 1,000 more!)…consistency is key in podcasting! If you’re new here (firstly, welcome! It’s great to have you with us!) and you take nothing else away from this post other than “Consistency is key in podcasting” I’ll consider this post a success!

Because it’s more true in 2024 than ever! If you want to build a buzzing, thriving community around your show – and you definitely DO want to do this, it’s the foundation of a successful podcast! – then you’re going to need to embrace consistency in every area of your podcasting process.

So, with this in mind, to start a podcast in 2024 successfully, firstly, you need to find the publishing schedule that works for you, and then stick to it. Reliability is what sets apart thriving shows. Whether you commit to a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule, the key is to stick to it. When listeners know when to expect new episodes, they are more likely to stay engaged and return for more. 

You then need to maintain consistency in the type of episodes you publish. I’m talking consistency in quality, as well as consistency in episode length! You want listeners to fit your episodes into their schedules. Consistent episodes helps them do this!

And finally, you need to be consistent in how you engage with your listeners. You want to establish those real relationships with your loyal audience. This is where the magic of the podcast medium comes into play! But that magic can only happen if you engage with your listeners consistently and authentically. 

podcast marketing strategy

6. Create a Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy has always been a key part of any successful podcast, but it’s going to be even more vital in 2024. (Again, I’ll draw your attention to that large number of podcasts floating about cyberspace.) So, if you’re looking to start a podcast in 2024, podcast hosts are going to need to develop a strong marketing strategy for their show if they’re looking to carve out a space for their show in the world of podcasting.

The best advice we can give you on this front is to think about your podcast as a brand. You can then onboard the types of marketing strategies brand use as a way to garner brand recognition and establish a brand identity. The principles of these strategies will apply to your podcast. You can then simply tailor these to your niche and to your particular audience.

Then use the power of social media to spread your brand message far and wide, aiming at your target audience. 

Create audiograms of your upcoming episodes to garner interest. Share behind-the-scenes content to build relationships and authenticity. Create video grams that you can share as Reels and YouTube shorts to lean into the power of video (we’ll cover that as a whole step further down this post!). Or use the live features on all the different social media platforms to connect with your listeners and build buzz around your show.

Bottom line? To launch a successful podcast in 2024, you need think of your podcast as a brand. And as a brand, your podcast needs a strong marketing strategy. 

7. Optimize for SEO

Next up, we have Step Number 7 for launching a successful podcast in 2024 – optimizing your podcast for SEO. While it’s always been important, particularly when it comes to podcast discoverability, optimizing your podcast for SEO will be even more important as you start a podcast in 2024. Effective SEO practices make it that much easier for your target audience to find your podcast. By aligning your content with commonly searched terms and topics within your niche, you increase the likelihood of being discovered by individuals genuinely interested in your podcast’s subject matter.

Incorporate relevant keywords thoughtfully into your podcast title, description, and episode titles to enhance search engine visibility. This will help potential listeners discover your podcast. As the podcasting sphere continues to expand, strategic SEO optimization is an invaluable tool for elevating your podcast’s discoverability and ensuring it stands out in the see of available content.

8. Create a Podcast Website

Dovetailing off focusing on SEO for your podcast is Step Number 8, creating a podcast website for your show. Again, this is not an imperative step, however, it can greatly help build your show’s authority and improve your discoverability. Having a website also just opens you up to so many more opportunities and avenues down the line.

Think of a podcast website as a centralized hub for your content. It’s the place where listeners can find additional information, show notes, and contact details. It’s where they can sign up to your mailing list, or become one of your premium members.

A well-designed website not only serves as a digital home for your podcast but also enhances your brand identity and credibility. It becomes a valuable resource for your audience, offering supplementary materials, links to social media, and an archive of past episodes. It also just gives your podcast a strong online presence.

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video podcast, engaging with podcast audience

9. Engage with Your Listeners

Next up, if you want to start a successful podcast in 2024, or any year for that matter, you will need to actively engage with your listeners on a consistent (there’s that word again!) basis.

Make an active effort to encourage and welcome listener feedback, questions, and reviews, be that through comments on podcast platforms, via email, or through social media. These ‘in-real-time’ interactions not only foster a sense of community between you and your listeners, but they can also provide you with super valuable insights into what resonates with your audience.

By building this two-way communication channel, you not only strengthen the bond with your existing listeners but you also create an inviting environment that attracts new audience members who are looking for a like-minded community. And as you’ve heard already, a strong community is the foundation of a long-lasting, successful podcast.

10. Utilize Video

Step 10 will be a big one for successful podcasting in 2024! Podcasters should be looking for ways to utilize video in their podcast content offerings. As always, we’re not saying that everyone who wants to start a podcast in 2024 has to start a video podcast. Neither are we advocating for existing podcasters to pivot to a video podcast. Sure you can definitely do either of the above. But what we are advocating for is for podcasters to simply lean into video in some way, shape, or form in relation to their podcast content. 

Video content performs better than all other types of content. These are just the facts. And so it follows that if podcasters are looking to boost their engagement around there content, video should form part of their marketing strategy.

Remember, video content is inherently shareable, enabling podcasters to tap into broader audiences through social sharing. So look to create Reels, TikToks, or YouTube Shorts as a way to expand your reach. Don’t overthink it, just do it!

11. Monetize Strategically

And finally, once you’ve got all the wheels in motion, you’re sticking to a consistent publishing schedule, you’re consistently putting out highly valuable episodes, and you’re building a community of loyal listeners around your show, you can then start looking for ways to monetize your podcast.

Explore different monetization options, such as sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or listener donations. Choose strategies that align with your content and audience, and successful podcast monetization is within your grasp.

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2024 is YOUR Year to Start a Podcast!

Remember that building a successful podcast takes time, dedication, and consistency.

Consistently create high-quality, highly-valuable episodes, continually engage with your listeners, and work to build a community and network around you and your show.

Embrace the creative process, learn from each episode, and enjoy the rewarding experience of connecting with your listeners. With the right mindset and our comprehensive guide, you’re well-equipped to navigate the exciting world of podcasting and make a lasting impact. Best of luck on your podcasting adventure!

And if you’ve been waiting for a sign to start your podcast in 2024, this is it!

As a full-service podcast production agency, we’re incredibly passionate about helping podcasters bring their podcast dream to life. Not only do we offer all podcast production services, we also offer Custom Launch Packages, as well as a free Launch Your Podcast course series! Schedule a free call with one of our team today, and let us help you make your podcasting dreams come true in 2024!

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